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Matt Talbot

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Matthew Talbot was an Irish alcoholic born to a poor family in 1856. He is recognised among Christians as the patron saint of alcoholics (though not officially recognised as a saint) and is known for his courage and commitment while taking the alcoholic “pledge”. He became a Third Order Franciscan in 1890 as part of his devotion.

When he was an alcoholic, he stole a fiddle in order to pay for his alcoholic beverages. Later, after he had taken the pledge and committed himself to his faith, he made a point to try and give money back to the person who owned the fiddle, but unfortunately he could not find him.



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Jesus has changed me for the better, helping me to understand life and death much better, and helping me have a better outlook on life. I really regret not having the faith and ability to stand up for my beliefs and admit to my faith. What’s next? I’m next. I will be crucified next. I knew this would lead to trouble, I was Jesus’ wingman.

RIP Jesus

Jesus the Revolutionary

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Jesus is starting to say things that might get us in some trouble now, and of all things, he’s including a WOMAN in our group! That definitely goes against everything the rabbis taught us about women being incomplete. There’s a start of tension in our group, especially from Judas, who says that he is really getting tired of being looked down upon by others for his discipleship.

Anyway, I guess I’m starting to agree with him. Jesus just said that we are going to Jerusalem. This is where it gets troublesome. I’m not sure if I like that idea.

Watch this!

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So good.

John the Baptist

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John the Baptist just baptised Jesus in the river Jordan. He was highly religious and had many followers, encouraging us just like Jesus to worship God.

We don’t understand why, as good as John intends, Jesus allows him to baptise part of God himself. Whatever. We know he means well, and we don’t understand everything about God and Jesus anyway.