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Hey there my loyal viewers! From reading the title and glimpsing the sign you may be wondering why this is being posted on a highly Religious blog. The reason is that we are exploring our Catholic spirituality more by finding out where our signs and symbols derive from. But before we get into that, lets have some fun!

#1 This is the first of many ironic and “duh” obvious signs.

#2 Do I even need to explain this?

#3 Atheist respect.

#4 That car in the background…

#5 Irony.

#6 Yay cockroaches.

#7 Ooh…. irony.

#8 Bullet marks mean nobody abides by the rules set by this sign.

#9 Oh the close-mindedness.

#10 A male’s dream.




The Chaldean Rite Video

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